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About Us


About Us

Welcome to TALL TOWERS BOER GOATS of Southwestern Minnesota
Tall Towers Boer Goats started in 2011 with my wife and I purchasing a small herd of percentage Boer goats.  Quickly recognizing and understanding the potential of the breed, we began to purchase and build a large herd of ABGA Fullblood Boer goats. With the guidance and knowledge of some of the top Boer goat breeders in the country we have managed to breed spotted and dappled genetics into our program while still maintaining quality and build.  Now with a herd pushing 50 head and expanding we continue to learn from the best and produce quality animals that reflect the breed.
We are Tyler, Kenzie, and Axle Gisvold


Tall Towers Boers

Tyler and Mackenzie Gisvold

Appleton, MN 56208

701-652-5913 - Tyler's Cell
320-297-0398  - Kenzie's Cell

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